Why Pro Baltikum?

Use our great contacts for your success!

The Baltic states and the GUS states have an excellent economic profile which is often underestimated. These increasingly growing countries are getting more and more interesting for German companies which want to enter new markets in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the GUS states. In many cases these countries are used as test markets for new products due to low labour costs and favourable tax conditions. Among other arguments the large number of academics, the exceptional economic growth and stable governmental and jurisdictional systems are making it favourable for companies to move east. Our clients don’t only consist of German companies that want to move eastward but also eastern european companies and companies from central Asia that are looking to enter the western european markets. We help to overcome barriers of entry such as cultural, language and legal differences. We don’t just know the markets but also the people, understand nuances, know the unwritten law of the economic and political systems and use our extensive contacts towards your success.

Arguments for business locations in eastern Europe and Central Asia

Strong economic growth

Large amount of academics

Low labour costs

Attractive tax rates for companies

Great infrastructure standards

Stable governments and jurisdictional systems

About us

We don’t just see ourselves as consultants but as your companion during the exploitation of eastern european and central asian markets. We know the sites, show you hidden potentials and create relationships that help you to sustainable success. Pro Baltikum is your contact person in all business matters but also for questions regarding customs, practices and communication issues.

We take the path to economic success in the target country together

We have successfully accompanied various companies, corporations, communal companies and Country and City administrations in different projects in foreign countries. Projects such as Infrastructure, environmental and large scale projects in construction such as housing, stadiums and shopping centres are among our reference list. We are looking forward to sustainably explore growing markets in the Baltics and in Central Asia with you.


After a first consultation we develop tailored market analysis und market entry strategies, contact investors and decision makers and further more consult you during the foundation of branch offices. On demand we also convey competent multilingual Tax- and Law consultants and assist with the employment of reliable Employees on site. We also happily consult you on possible state subsidies.

Furthermore, we consult during Mergers & Acquisition projects and explore options for company acquisitions.

In case a product needs to be placed in a new market we develop new marketing and sales channels and create sustainable contacts.

Additionally, we assist companies in finding subcontractors and qualified personnel.

We work in the following countries

Western Europe




Eastern Europe






GUS States





Customers & Projects

Our Customers

Small and medium sized businesses


Communal companies

Country and City administrations


We have consulted and developed projects in the here exemplarily listed industrial sectors.

Infrastructure-, below the ground- and waste treatment and waste water treatment constructions

Environmental projects, e.g. innovative renewable energies

Municipal construction, e.g. stadiums, shopping centres, communal and private housing projects

Trade eg textiles, raw materials, machinery etc.




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